Session Timeout Recovery

If you're using Ajax to save data on a page, it can be difficult for the client to know if the session has timed out on the server. This post describes the use of session storage to save and restore the data on a page input when a session times out. L… more »

One Approach to Complying with a "script-src 'self'" Content Security Policy

I recently encountered this error when working with plugin code on an application: Refused to execute inline script because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "script-src 'self' chrome-extension-resource:". The cause of the e… more »

A Very Simple Node/Express JSON Form Example

Server-side (file is named server) This code is invoked with: node server Once it is invokec, call the page with Code// Express is a framework used with node that provides many important constructsvar express = requi… more »

CSS list filter and view

The goal of this fiddle was to provide a CSS and JavaScript method to switch between a list and card or grid view. It uses jQuery and a very simple filter that fires on keyup. The code is commented here, you can see it run at… more »

dgrid Print Shim

If you need to print a dgrid, you can query the store and create an HTML table with JavaScript. Create and work with the dgrid as usual, but add a second div below it which will contain the table. <div class="no-print" id="grid"></div… more »

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