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Software etiquette

Many web development projects are done outside conventional version control environments. The overhead of version control simply can't be justified for a small application or the customization of a site. However, it the development is performed by a te… more »

dojo - ContentPanes - compression

To compress the content delivered to a dojo ContentPane, you can compress the content and cache it with the Zlib functions of PHP, then open it with the filesystem functions and deliver it with the Content-Type header set to "text/html" (or other approp… more »

Application Upgrades - an excellent business opportunity

The web is constantly changing and keeping applications on servers which can support them may be difficult, as hosting companies upgrade the servers to improve security, the applications may fail. Most web companies are extremely careful and use strat… more »

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If you own the domain, check your server. If you see these URLs in your referer stats, check your server. http://www.clubna… more »