Symfony 3 Ajax (EntityType) CollectionType

Objective: Create an efficient way to use a Symfony CollectionType of Entities. I wanted to be able to provide a Dijit FilteringSelect (autocomplete) for a collection of entities. Issues: Using a CollectionType of EntityTypes loaded all the entities i… more »

How to set environment variables that can be referenced by Apache, shells and cron jobs

In some cases, environment variables are used to store configuration information. If the values are referenced from different sources, such as through a web server and on the command line, it is a good idea to define them in a single place and graceful… more »

Open Source Software and House Paint

If you think about it, free or inexpensive open source software is like house paint. The product is readily available and doesn't cost a lot, but can be very valuable. A good open source software system such as a content management system, ecommerce sy… more »

Cleaning up files created by the web server

Many times when you are working with a web application on shared hosting, the server will create files. Depending on the server configuration, it is possible those files will be created by a user other than the account holder. If you are using shared h… more »

Zend Framework - No translation for the language 'en_US' available.

Notice: No translation for the language 'en_US' available. in /var/www/html/ZendFramework-1.10.8-minimal/library/Zend/Translate/Adapter.php on line 441 I've been working on an application using Zend Framework as the foundation. One of the key elemen… more »

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