Key Cloud Service Architecture Considerations

Converting an existing product or service for use in the cloud should begin with a consideration of several key requirements. Simply extending a system to support more clients may result in serious security, performance, and scalability issues. Thes… more »

XML Fed Form Interface

This is a demonstration of how you can use XML to feed PHP to generate a form. It is helpful when a flexible form interface is needed. This example includes the name of the field, the length, a regex validation string, default value, label for the inpu… more »

Login Access Limits

After reviewing the log files for this blog, I noticed many attempts to log into it.This is my blog, registration and comments are disabled. To all those who would post helpful comments and legitimate information, I'm sorry.I access the blog adm… more »

Fly High - JetScripts

Cool scripts that are worth buying. The purchase price is far less than the cost of the time you'd have to spend to write them yourself, and, in my case, the code's much better, too. :) - This is a much improved v… more »

Zend Framework - Building Forms without writing XHTML

This block of text, from the link above, describes a form input for a username element. # ; username element user.login.elements.username.type = "text" user.login.elements.username.options.validators.alnum.validator = "alnum" user.login.elements.u… more »