Cost-Effective Design Strategies

  • Start with a skin, purchasing skins is almost always worth the investment. The layout of the skin is more important than the colors. If a skin isn’t available, have the design team build one that is flexible enough for most clients.
  • Develop a starting point and process to reskin it, even if it is just a list of manual operations. It may be more cost-effective to have an engineer do this than a designer.
  • Try to use supporting graphics with neutral colors, to reduce the number of images that have to be recolored.
  • Distribute the tasks to the lowest level possible. For example, recoloring images with image software can be performed by someone with limited technical experience.
  • Don’t expect to be able to fully automate the process.
  • Identify areas that are likely to be overlooked and ensure quality assurance is aware of them.
  • Check the log files to find any missing image calls.
  • Explain the cost savings and benefits to the client. Be sure they understand the limitations.