- Translator from Drupal .info to RPM .spec files

This is a very simple translation of a Drupal .info file into an RPM .spec file. It may be useful in identifying methods to assemble complex Drupal installations on dedicated servers or VPSs where the modules can be managed as RPMs. This would not be useful for casual users. It also assumes the modules will not be modified, and requires careful composition of the .info files by contributors.

I had difficulty posting the script in the blog, so the link provided must be used.

To run it, pass the URL of the module to download, for example: ./

It was tested with the annotationfield module.

Be sure to set up an .rpmmacro file at the account level.


  • Hasn’t been (and isn’t going to be) tested with an actual RPM build
  • Does not (and probably won’t) handle intermodule dependencies or conflicts