Quantifying Professional Titles

It can be difficult to determine the title assignments within a company. However, there are two definite indicators that can be used to assign titles - time spent on production work (as opposed to time spent leading/managing), and the number of employees the person is responsible for.

With this in mind, the following are recommended guidelines:

  • President - Responsible for entire company. 95% of time spent on management.
  • Vice President - Responsible for portion of company. 90% of time spent on management.
  • Director - Responsible for 25 or more people. 85% of time spent on management.
  • Manager - Responsible for 10 or more people. 75% of time spent on management.
  • Supervisor / Team Leader - Responsible for 5 or more people. 50% of time spent on management.

Every company is different, and there are times when people must assume different roles. Although the numbers may be adjusted, permanently or temporarily, they should be identified and used. Small companies do not need all these positions.

Title inflation is silly.