PHP and javascript timestamper

This is an extension of an earlier script to demonstrate the difference in execution time of preg_replace and trim.

The objective of this demonstration is to show a quick time check method to determine the following:

  • Time required for PHP to process all statements
  • Time required for javascript to process all statements

This code is valuable for complex pages, specifically RIA pages, to assist engineers in finding ways to make the page display more quickly.

/* First line of the PHP script */

/* Beginning of the HTML */
echo '<html>';

/* This captures the time the first javascript statement was executed */
echo '<script>var d=new Date();var jsStart=d.getTime();var jsEnd;</script>';

/* This captures the time the page has finished loading.  If other code is executed prior to the page being considered fully rendered and functional, the EndLoad function should be called after the last statement */ 
echo '<script>function EndLoad(){var d=new Date();jsEnd=d.getTime();jsElapsed=jsEnd-jsStart;document.getElementById(\'jsStartDisplay\').innerHTML=jsStart;document.getElementById(\'jsEndDisplay\').innerHTML=jsEnd;document.getElementById(\'jsElapsedDisplay\').innerHTML=jsElapsed;}</script>';

/* Body tag */
echo '<body onload="EndLoad()">';

/* At the end of the PHP script */
echo 'PHPStartTime: ';printf("%f",$fStartPHP);echo '<br />'."\n";
echo 'PHPEndTime: ';printf("%f",$fEndPHP);echo '<br />'."\n";
echo 'PHPElapsed: ';printf("%f",$fPHPElapsed*1000000);echo ' microseconds <br />'."\n";
echo '<hr />';
echo 'HTML/JSStartTime: <span id="jsStartDisplay"></span><br />'."\n";
echo 'HTML/JSEndTime: <span id="jsEndDisplay"></span><br />'."\n";
echo 'HTML/JSElapsedTime: <span id="jsElapsedDisplay"></span>&nbsp;microseconds<br />'."\n";
echo '</body>';
echo '</html>';