Fly High - JetScripts

Cool scripts that are worth buying. The purchase price is far less than the cost of the time you’d have to spend to write them yourself, and, in my case, the code’s much better, too. :) - This is a much improved version of script that’s been shared and used by many people. It protects your code, data, and server. I’m using this on several systems. - This script allows you to prevent people from various locations from visiting your site. If your target market is the United States, and you don’t sell to or serve other people, there’s no need to serve pages to the rest of the world. You can customize the interface so the message. - Most people don’t like CAPTCHA forms - the images are difficult to read, and the code can be bothersome to integrate. This one’s easy to read and easy to work with. - Awesome. Check it out.