Word VBA Macro to Remove All Bookmarks in a Document

This macro removes all the bookmarks from a Word (2007) Document. I use it to update documents which are imported from Framemaker and had a lot of unused bookmarks.

It may not be the most efficient code, but it does work.

The approach is to create an array of bookmark names or ids, and then loop through and remove them.

Note the ShowHidden, which ensures the entire collection is accessible.

Sub ClearBookmarks()
' ClearBookmarks Macro
Dim I, L, Bees() As String, aBookmark
ActiveDocument.Bookmarks.ShowHidden = True
MsgBox "There are " + Str(ActiveDocument.Bookmarks.Count) + " bookmarks"
I = 1
L = ActiveDocument.Bookmarks.Count
ReDim Bees(L)
For Each aBookmark In ActiveDocument.Bookmarks
    If IsObject(aBookmark) Then
        On Error GoTo Skip
        Bees(I) = aBookmark.Name
        I = I + 1
    End If
Next aBookmark

I = LBound(Bees)
L = UBound(Bees)
For I = I To L
    If Bees(I) <> "" Then
        If ActiveDocument.Bookmarks.Exists(Name:=Bees(I)) Then
        End If
    End If
MsgBox "There are " + Str(ActiveDocument.Bookmarks.Count) + " bookmarks"
End Sub

The Bees array is very busy. :)