HTTP Blacklist - Http:BL PHP Code - Generic

This is a generic PHP script that can be used with Http:BL. Http:BL can be used to block requests to a web site based on the IP address. There are several configuration settings that allow you to adjust the performance. In the code below, any IP address identified as suspicious by Project Honey Pot, active within the past 30 days, or with a threat score 100 or greater is blocked.

The easiest way to use it is to include it into the top level of the application, for example:

require_once 'bl.php';

This code just logs the requests and the scores. Once you’re comfortable with it, you can use it to redirect unwanted visitors to a 403 page, or down the rabbit hole.


Octet 1: 127 or indicates error
Octet 2: # of days since last activity
Octet 3: Threat score (0=No threat, 255=Extreme threat)
Octet 4: Visitor type

define ('httpBL_API_key','!-- YOUR KEY HERE --!');
define ('httpBL_URL','');
/* These are the settings which control which visitors are blocked */
define ('DAYS_SINCE_LAST_ACTIVITY',30);  /* Active within this many days prior will be blocked */
define ('MAX_THREAT_SCORE',100);         /* Anything over this threat score will be blocked */
define ('MAX_TYPE_VALUE',1);             /* Type of visitor - this isn't really bitmapped */
define ('VISITOR_MAP',3);
0=>'Search Engine',
4=>'Comment Spammer',
8=>'[Reserved for Future Use]',
16=>'[Reserved for Future Use]',
32=>'[Reserved for Future Use]',
64=>'[Reserved for Future Use]',
128=>'[Reserved for Future Use]'
if ($sBL!==null) 
        /* Write out the information to a text file so you can see what is happening */
        file_put_contents('output.txt',$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'].' '.$sBL.PHP_EOL,FILE_APPEND);
        /* Once you are comfortable with your code and settings, you can redirect unwanted visitors elsewhere */
function httpBL($sIP)
        global $aOctetMap;

        if (isset($aResult[0]) && isset($aResult[0]['ip']))
                if ((int)$aResultOctet[$aOctetMap['VISITOR_MAP']]<MAX_TYPE_VALUE) return null;
                if ((int)$aResultOctet[$aOctetMap['MAX_THREAT_SCORE']]>=MAX_THREAT_SCORE) return $sResult;
                if ((int)$aResultOctet[$aOctetMap['DAYS_SINCE_LAST_ACTIVITY']]<=DAYS_SINCE_LAST_ACTIVITY) return $sResult;
        return null;

The advantage of this approach is that after an IP address has been cleared or cleaned up, access is restored without admin action, so blocked addresses aren’t blocked forever, only for a month or so while they are potentially harmful. The .htaccess Allow,Deny configuration can also be used, but it must be manually maintained, by checking the stats frequently and determining the owner and extent of the IP address block.