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Ibexa 4.6 on Rocky 9 - PHP packages

Apologies for the short post. I had trouble with GD - the issue was that I had php-gd instead of php82-gd php82-8.2-5.el9.remi.x86_64 php82-php-8.2.21-1.el9.remi.x86_64 php82-php-cli-8.2.21-1.el9.remi.x86_64 php82-php-common-8.2.21-1.el9.remi.x86_64… more »

Rocky Linux 9 - wkhtmltopdf

I kept getting a divide by zero error (Signal 8) with wkhtmltopdf under Rocky Linux RPM in use: wkhtmltox- (credit to: This was… more »