dojo - dijit Form - Create dijits programmatically

This code populates an empty form with a radio button input that has three options. It can be modified to work with check boxes and other dijits. This is intended to be used with Zend Framework's Zend_Dojo_Form component, the tags are created using… more »

Apache Mod_AutoIndex - IIS/ASP Implementation

This is a simple directory listing script for IIS, using ASP. Features Custom CSS for each folder, if available It reads a css directory and if there is a .css file with the requested directory name, it will include a <style> tag for it. F… more »

Browser Cache Management - Ensure Updates

httpd.conf (or equivalent) # Cache js and CSS files for 6 months - with a timestamp <FilesMatch "\.(js|css)$"> ExpiresActive On ExpiresDefault "access plus 6 months" Header set Cache-Control "max-age=15552000" RewriteEngine On R… more »

Zend Framework - Oauth - Get LinkedInContacts

/* Set up the Oauth client */ $oauth = new Zend_Oauth_Client(array( 'consumerKey' => $this->configs->connections->consumerKey, 'consumerSecret' => $this->configs->connections->consum… more »

Zend Framework - Navigation View Helper - Active Style Rules

The objective of these rules are to ensure only the active link is highlighted. The key is the ‘element>element’ selector, which indicates that only a tags which have a parent of will be affected by the rule. CSS#mainNav a{colo… more »