Symfony 4 - Multiple DataFixtures files

I recently upgraded a Symfony 3.3 application to Symfony 4 Part of the upgrade was loading the DataFixtures. Symfony 4 recommends you put all your DataFixtures in a single file. I'll get around to that later. However, due to the way I organized the file… more »

iPhone "Incorrect Password" WiFi

If your iPhone is not connecting to your NetGear WNDR4000 WiFi router and the message is "Incorrect password", check the access control settings on the router. [image:11] I made a change to the router configuration and managed to enable access control… more »

Upgrading from Symfony 3 to 4 - JSON Database Content

My latest adventure has been to upgrade a web application from Symfony 3.3 to 4. All the pages load and I am starting to test execution. This error came up and I scoured the code for instances of AppBundle [image:10] Then I checked the database. One of… more »

Upgrade PHP 5.5 to PHP 7.1 on CentOS 6.9 - Recklessly

I wasn't planning to upgrade PHP today, but in order to use Symfony 4.0, I had to. First, I wanted to get all the PHP RPMs Shell… more »

DataTables - Adding Buttons to a FixedHeader

I was using both the FixedHeader and Buttons extensions of DataTables and I needed the buttons to remain visible when the user scrolled. The solution I chose was to move the buttons DOM into the table head. Since the buttons are in a div and thead is… more »