Word VBA Macro to Remove All Bookmarks in a Document

This macro removes all the bookmarks from a Word (2007) Document. I use it to update documents which are imported from Framemaker and had a lot of unused bookmarks. It may not be the most efficient code, but it does work. The approach is to create… more »

Zend Framework Admin Form extension of Zend_Dojo_Form

The objective of this class is to provide a foundation class for admin forms which provides the following: Security - a hash input is used. It must return to the server with the same value sent to the client. Multi-form pages - this class prefixes… more »

Zend Framework Regex Routing Example

This ini snippet divides the URL into module, controller, and action, including an optional id. If no id is specified, a 0 (zero) is sent. resources.router.routes.common.type = "Zend_Controller_Router_Route_Regex" resources.router.routes.common.rout… more »

AES_ENCRYPT with Doctrine ORM

With thanks to the link above, this code snippet delivers the encrypted value of the password from the database. $manager=Doctrine_Manager::getInstance(); $conn=Doctrine_Manager::connection('mysql://user:password@localhost/database','doctrine'); $aP… more »

Zend Framework dijit.FilteringSelect Configure

To configure a FilteringSelect dijit, with a Zend Framework .ini file, use the following syntax:; status elementelements.status.type = "FilteringSelect"elements.status.options.label = "Status"elements.status.options.dijitParams.searchAttr = "na… more »