Sourcing dojo from AOL's CDN under Zend Framework

This implementation uses a default layout. To set the path and name of the layout (default.phtml), the application.ini file was configured like so: configs/application.ini resources.layout[] = resources.layout.layoutPath = APPLICATION_PATH "/layo… more »

PHP Base Class Implementation with Iterator

This is a class definition for a base class which can be extended.FeaturesAttributes are defined dynamicallyIteration is implemented, to allow the use of foreachAttribute validation is includedUses array_fill_keys if it is available, othe… more »

dijit ValidationTextBox Custom Validator

The dijit ValidationTextBox widget is an excellent way to help users enter valid data. Recently, I had a very long and complex regular expression that caused performance issues when the data was typed into the input. To improve performance, I used a cu… more »

An Excellent Dialup ISP - US

As noted in the previous post, a free Juno account grants you access to, including their webmail.Juno requires that even people that subscribe to their service use their software to connect to the Internet.Unfortunately, their software i… more »

Ubuntu 9.04 - USB Dialup - Juno - Connect

My Mom uses Juno's dialup service to connect to the Internet and for email. Her HP laptop was infected with something, and had really become unusable, it was so slow.I took it home where my valuable tool is a high-speed Internet connection.After… more »