Hack Attack

For the last year or so, I have a site that sends me an email listing all the new and modified files on the server.This morning, these entries caught my eye:/var/www/html//var/www/html/c99.phpThe c99 file was not supposed to be on the serve… more »

An Ounce of Performance and Prevention

The Wicked Good Gallery was a lot of fun to build. It meets the stated requirements, I like the design, and I learned some good stuff.One issue that always concerns me is performance. The Wicked Good Gallery demo has seven images, and on each page… more »

Quick Average Request Time from Apache access_log

First, you'll need to add the time required to deliver the request into the access_log. In this case, a custom_log is created. Note the bolded ^%D at the end, which will deliver the time required to serve the request in milliseconds (http://httpd.apach… more »

Browser Based Audio Preview / Listen - IE6/7/+, FF2+ - HTTP/HTTPS

The following code segment is an extract from a Smarty template which allows you to embed Windows Media Player in a web page and use javascript to initiate playback. AUDIOFILE.WAV is a marker name, you will need to use a valid URL.The code uses two… more »

ErrorDocument * index.php

Using a site's home page as an error document is a good way to prevent people and 'bots from learning more about the site architecture. Routing all error requests to the home page, or some other page, will reduce information leaks, such as 'file not fou… more »