DataTables - Adding Buttons to a FixedHeader

I was using both the FixedHeader and Buttons extensions of DataTables and I needed the buttons to remain visible when the user scrolled. The solution I chose was to move the buttons DOM into the table head. Since the buttons are in a div and thead is… more »

Revised Dijit/Tree Menu for Symfony

This is the final implementation for the tree menu I'm using for a Symfony application. The first approach wrote the JSON for the menu store into the template. This was a little awkward and as the application grew, the amount of content increased. Next,… more »

Symfony doctrine:query:dql

When developing application that use databases, it is often helpful to run SQL standalone to get the information you need, then integrate it into your code. With Symfony and Doctrine, it is nice to use DQL because it is a nice bridge between the… more »

Bingo Game Maker

This is a very simple way to create bingo boards with random layouts. Granted you need PHP and Linux, but if you have them, and you want to create bingo boards, you're all set. The way it works is you create a text file with one square per line. You… more »

DataTables - Passing Data to the Server in Client-Side processing mode

DataTables is AWESOME. I use it for list-based selection, table-based editing, data display and filtering and anything else I can think of because it is so robust that virtually anything is possible. Really. If the dataset being used is fairly small… more »