Learn Every HTML Tag and Every CSS Property

It is worth knowing every HTML tag and CSS property. It will help you build pages more efficiently. The quiz in the link above, and in the big green box on the left, is a great way to test your memory. Learn all the CSS properties as well. http://ww… more »

Super HTML Lists

Using ul and ol for lists with XHTML is nice, but for lists that include a short title, dl is a great option. The code below produces a nice list, where Term and Word are bolded, and Definition and Value follow on the same line. <style type="tex… more »

Customizing dijit tundra

dijit's (dojo - http://dojotoolkit.org) tundra theme is excellent. Notes on customizing it: Copy dojo.css, dijit.css, tundra.css, and the supporting images out of the dojo tree and into the application's CSS directory. Place the images in a di… more »

Top 25 Most Dangerous Programming Errors

Anyone writing web-based applications should refer to the above link and audit their code. This is one of the best ways to improve the security of the application, and to learn how to write more secure applications in the future. Never assume that… more »

Success in Teamwork and Process

"Together Everyone Achieves More" It is very difficult to test a complex RIA thoroughly. It is even more difficult if it is yours. Sending the system to the users, and asking them to focus on specific areas is an excellent way to find problems you… more »