AJAX Interaction Notes - dojo

Notes on using a dojo/RIA web interface to launch background (server-side) scripts. File uploads can run under FF and IE with dojo.io.iframe.send, and it is a nice interface. There is another post on this blog, with sample code. Synchronizing back… more »

Poor Marketing Defeats SEO

Many web companies focus on SEO to generate traffic for sites. One may argue that SEO is used to define the contents of the content with an objective of enhancing the position of the page or site within the result sets of search engines. Using a list… more »

Open Source - Cycle Back

Open Source software is often maturing. Cycling back to the distribution site has many advantages: Upgrading open source components usually delivers many bug fixes and new features. Although upgrading after ever update is probably unnecessary, i… more »

dojo Fisheye Example

dojo's Fisheye widget is fun. The link above is to a demo of the Fisheye widget. Notes: <div dojoType="dojox.widget.FisheyeList" itemWidth="50" itemHeight="50" itemMaxWidth="200" itemMaxHeight="200" orientation="horizontal" effectUnits=… more »

Further Application Notes

robots.design works very well through upgrades, in this case, with dojo. Using the tundra theme, I can reskin an application - including dojo/dijit very quickly. Some colors should not be changed - specifically error and warning displays which are… more »