Web Development Firms - Strategies for Today's Economic Environ

Internet services (building web sites and applications) used to be a black box type of service, the client requested a solution, a web company developed one, and then client relied on the service provider for all related work. Times have changed.… more »

Great Way to Learn XHTML/CSS

The link above is to a great book for learning XHTML/CSS. I bought it for my daughter, as an introduction to building web pages and sites - and then I read it. First, and most importantly, it is technically up to date and accurate. The information p… more »

Professional Volunteers - Web

The Internet is a vital communications tool. Web sites and email are important for most organizations that are striving to reach a widely distributed audience in a cost-effective manner. Many small organizations, especially non-profits, need a site,… more »

AJAX Limits

AJAX and RIA's are rapidly redefining web interfaces, but they can be expensive and complex to implement. A key consideration is to keep server side logic on the server. Background scripts should be written to require little to no user interaction, a… more »

dojo AJAX file upload demonstration

This is a demonstration or example of how one can use dojo.io.iframe.send to submit form data to a server. This is useful if you have file inputs, which cannot use other methods. The page includes good notes, and all source can be viewed. more »