dojo AJAX file upload demonstration

This is a demonstration or example of how one can use to submit form data to a server. This is useful if you have file inputs, which cannot use other methods. The page includes good notes, and all source can be viewed. more »

Monitor Script Execution with PHP

The following is a very simple script that can be used as a framework to monitor the execution of a script. Comments are used for explanation. <?php /* Ensure the viewer has logged in. */ session_start(); if (!isset($_SESSION['bLogged_in']))… more »

Secure CSS For ADNs

This rewrite rule allows CSS requests to run through css.php, which can substitute color attritubes on the fly to allow a single application to be supported by multiple skins, and have greater immunity to cross-site scripting attacks. RewriteEngine On… more »

Application Delivery Networks - An Excellent Application of

The link above suggests integrating diverse, externally hosted applications with polished designs. This is an excellent use of, because the volume of design translation may be massive. The basic approach would be to identify those CSS f… more »

A New Paradigm in Web Applications

Services such as Ning (, Shopify (, and WordPress' blog system are making it possible for people to provide a social network, ecommerce, or blog with little to no technical experience. Many of these people will succeed… more »