KnpMenu - JSON Renderer to support Dojo Dijit/Tree

I wrote some code that parsed through the default KNP menu HTML and created a Dijit menu. It worked, but it was slow and awkward. I couldn't find an easy way to get the KNP menu in the JSON form that would work well with Dijit/Tree, so I wrote my own.… more »

Squirrel Mail - Change Password Plugin - Wicked Simple Version

It's a long sad story as to why I set up an email server. Mostly long. Arguably not sad, since it is collecting email. However, lacking the usual accessories provided by a hosting company and having issued a collection of awful (secure) passwords, it… more »

Session Timeout Recovery

If you're using Ajax to save data on a page, it can be difficult for the client to know if the session has timed out on the server. This post describes the use of session storage to save and restore the data on a page input when a session times out. L… more »

Symfony 3 - EntityType / Dojo - Select Integration

If you use Dojo to provide a polished interface with a Symfony 3 application programmatically, you may use a data- attribute on a select tag to pass the options from Symfony 3 to Dojo. The entity in this case is phone number type. This is a table with… more »

Symfony 3 - Legacy Authentication Bridge - straight md5

If you are building a system which needs a fallback authentication system to welcome existing users into a new application architecture, you will need to support the authentication approach of the legacy application. One very common method is to md5 th… more »