Polished Directory Listings - Without Server-Side Code

Apache's mod_autoindex allows you to present polished directory listings with very little effort. Key points: There are many options. Read the page carefully and test out the different options to find what you like best. HTMLTable is excellent… more »

ADN - Application Delivery Network

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) allow sites and applications to draw files from common servers. This allows far more efficient caching, reduces bandwidth and disk space requirements on both the server and client sides. The next logical step are Appl… more »

Web Professionals and Staffing - Education Matters

The web industry has matured to a point where requiring a related AS or BS will not limit the qualified candidates significantly. Web designers should have a graphic design or visual communication degree. Their responsibility is to use color, layout,… more »

How to Assess a Web Company

Web development companies are like any other service provider. Quality, price, and service varies. Unlike other service providers, you can really examine a web company's work - both for themselves and for their clients. If you are considering a web… more »

Web Site Performance - Do the Math

Most web companies have very high speed Internet connections. This may improve productivity for those that develop on remote, publicly accessible servers, but it can also prevent the development team from appreciating the impact of the design and front-… more »