javascript - Common applications

I consider javascript the language of last resort. The browser compatibility and security issues associated with it can make it the most complex part of a page. For this reason, I strive to deliver pages to the browser ready for display. This isn't al… more »

Google Map - Flying Ladybug (US)

The code snippet below allows you to add a ladybug (or any other image), to fly over a map. The coordinate boundaries are for the United States (min_lon, min_lat, max_lon, max_lat), but you can change them to suit your needs. After a random number of… more »

Thank You Malwarebytes

I don't often "surf the 'net", visiting unfamiliar sites. Most of my Internet access is in search of LAMP/RIA technical resources and answers, as well as contributing my own through this blog and on the appropriate sites. Recently, I was checking a s… more »

Have the Server Watch Your Account

This crontab entry will email you a report of all the files modified within the past 24 hours. find $HOME -mtime 0 Search for files in your home directory which have been modified in the last twenty-four hours. This command works this way becaus… more »

Cool Hover Effect

The link above provides a nice hover effect, done with CSS and a tiny bit of javascript. The approach is to use two divs. The outer or container div has a background image assigned through CSS. The inner div contains the text, and is hidden (displa… more »