Have the Server Watch Your Account

This crontab entry will email you a report of all the files modified within the past 24 hours. find $HOME -mtime 0 Search for files in your home directory which have been modified in the last twenty-four hours. This command works this way becaus… more »

Cool Hover Effect

The link above provides a nice hover effect, done with CSS and a tiny bit of javascript. The approach is to use two divs. The outer or container div has a background image assigned through CSS. The inner div contains the text, and is hidden (displa… more »

Debugging Web Pages in IE

Tricks for debugging web pages under IE, if you don't have any tools. Comment out all but the code that doesn't work. Often the code that's not working is broken because of something else. Have a separate CSS file, just for IE Use alert to halt j… more »

Polished UI - Cost Effectively

Tactics to produce a polished (web) user interface, in a cost-effective manner. This is different than the design, in that these issues are related to the user's interaction, rather than the visual presentation. For example, the visual presentation w… more »

dojo Form Demo

This is a very simple demonstration of a dojo form. Please use 'View Source' to view the code. Supporting server-side PHP. json.php Returns the submitted input. Demonstrates a 'successful' transaction. <?php header('Content-type: applic… more »