PHP and javascript timestamper

This is an extension of an earlier script to demonstrate the difference in execution time of preg_replace and trim. The objective of this demonstration is to show a quick time check method to determine the following: Time required for PHP to pr… more »

Great Viral Marketing

This link allows you to enter a name and an email address and makes a great video promoting the person as a Presidential candidate. The whole concept is excellent for the following reasons: It is fun, and funny. It is timely. It is free. It en… more »

Mapping CS Courses to Internet Software Engineering

These aren't specific courses, the intention is to provide a rough parallel. They aren't in a particular order, and multi-semester study is implied for some areas. Operating Systems - Particulary Linux. Appreciation of the hardware that makes the… more »

More Cost-Effective Design Strategies

Work within application design architectures. In other words, try to use as much of their HTML and CSS as possible, or replace just the CSS. Most good applications have a nice hierarchical CSS and template organization. Learn to work with it. Many ap… more »

Web Sites - Behind the Scenes

A web site is the most visible part of a companies Internet presence, but not the only part. The following issues must be continually addressed and frequently monitored: Content Maintenance This includes all content changes. It may also requir… more »