Nifty Phishing Approach

*** Scam was stopped *** This phishing attempt was delivered through email, with the above link - claiming maintenance was scheduled. Has some nice text, doesn't tell you to login, but provides a link so you can. :) It looks great. The code be… more »

Anonymous Contact Forms

There are times when an anonymous report is appropriate. It is usually when you are reporting something and don't need to be involved further. In that case, completing a contact form with bogus information and an email address at or exa… more »

Free X-Cart Installation Checker

The checker is an HTML file that will allow you to enter the URL for your cart, the directory you have installed it in, then offer you links that you can click to see if the server has been properly configured to protect the files. This tool is valu… more »

Work isn't necessarily Profit

Never forget that even if you are working hard, if it costs more to deliver the goods or services than you receive, you are still losing money. If you don't know what it costs, you are probably losing money. If you don't know how much you have been… more »


A partnership doesn't imply direct revenue generation or sales support A partnership should help all parties reach their goals A partnership should raise the level of service for the end user A partnership should be respected by all parties Partnersh… more »