Display PHP for Demonstration Code

In addition to demonstrating the timing impacts of using preg_replace instead of trim, timetest.php also shows how you can use a PHP script to display itself on a page. echo htmlentities(file_get_contents('timetest.php')); more »

preg_replace trim vs. trim

Regular expressions incur a significant amount of overhead. If there is a suitable PHP function, it should always be used before coding a regular expression. <?php $sWord = ' TestString '; /* Time preg_replace trim double quotes */ $fS… more »

Technical Terminology Divide

Web sites are becoming exponentially more complex and more expensive, and the terms that describe the technology are becoming equally sophisticated and diverse. At the same time, people purchasing web sites are seeking advanced features, and may be co… more »

Specifications and Requirements are Vital

In a rapid development environment, specifications and requirements are vital. There is no time to build a solution that is not acceptable. If there isn't an adequate requirements defininition, a general approach should be defined, and routine, quick… more »

Skin an Old Site with New Colors

Many times, the existing HTML site cannot be abandoned quickly, but updating the colors can help reinvigorate the pages. If the code has alot of inline colors and styles, automating the recoloring makes it possible to preserve the existing investment,… more »