Ansible SSH issues under CentOS

I needed a CentOS 6.5 guest under a CentOS 6.6 host for development and to prepare for deployments. I could not get Ansible to SSH into the box. I took the provisioning out of the Vagrantfile and began running the playbook on the command line with: a… more »

A Very Simple Node/Express JSON Form Example

Server-side (file is named server) This code is invoked with: node server Once it is invokec, call the page with Code// Express is a framework used with node that provides many important constructsvar express = requi… more »

Bash Create User Script

This is a very simple script to create users and set them up in a userdir enabled Apache environ. Shell#!/bin/bashif [ "$#" -ne 1 ]; then    echo "Usage: ./ <username>"&#16… more »

Screen Resolution - Web development

I have uses the statcounter for several years to help me adjust page layouts for web development. The mistake I have been making is that the browser does not usually have the entire screen resolution available. Today I took some time checked the windo… more »

eZ Publish - Adding Bootstrap Glyphicons

If you are using Bootstrap with eZ Publish, you can add a custom tag to include glyphicons which will allow editors to add the icons into their content. This is a simple implementation, it allows the user to enter the name of the icon they would like t… more »