RPMs with web applications and version control

Any large web application requires version control. Whether it is subversion or CVS, ClearCase, or some other tool, a system must be in place to manage the software changes and updates, especially if more than one person is working on the code. The o… more »

RPM BuildRoot

The BuildRoot setting in an RPM spec file is what allows you to indicate the target directory for the files you are including in the package. more »

md5 just-a-test ... just-a-list

If you own the domain, check your server. If you see these URLs in your referer stats, check your server. http://mojazubarka.sk/test/admin/sicaqe/jufoxir/&paged=2 http://rabotnitsa.ru/joomla__/administrator/backups/arim/zaf/ http://www.clubna… more »

Open source - open season

Open source is extremely accessible, meaning literally everyone can download it and use it. This is a double-edged sword. For people that want powerful sites with sophisticated applications, most of the materials are available, free. For people th… more »

Web application RPM notes

Key elements of RPM spec files when used with web applications: Source: - source should be the distribution tar file. If it isn't yours (meaning it is an open source application), it is best to use the original or distribution URL. That way, you a… more »