color mapping - applications / experiments / improvements

The color mapper is still evolving. The biggest change was to key off the '#' character, followed by a digit or hex letter instead of the word 'color'. This allows all borders and backgrounds to be captured. Interesting options: Manually type… more »

Color Mapper - v0.89 - with demo

Skin this blog with colors from your own (.gif) image. :) more »

Color Mapper - Version 0.31

The associated link accepts a .gif file and lists the colors, in CSS color syntax, as well as a table to see them. White (#FFFFFF) is displayed on a black background. This is the first pass at generating CSS maps from .gifs. Stay tuned ... but l… more »

Extend the capacity of a web server with careful common component management

Many web companies use a common, core set of javascript libraries and applications which use hierarchical CSS architectures. If the live server is used for development (which is a very cost-effective approach), thousands of requests are made for the s… more »

Blog comments

If you would like to have a comment posted on this blog, please send me an email and I will post your text - without posting any identifying data. I have had bad luck with hackers and closed comments for that reason. more »