Color mapper - control color set

To see the original skin colors, click on web notes at the top of the page. This is the asevo skin for b2evolution, although I changed the colors. The colors on web notes are the ones that are used for the mapping. more »


The following updates were made: Tuned mapping logic - to better align the source and target colors. Palette selection - this allows you to upload the image, then choose which colors to use from it. To use it, clear the image color area, then clic… more »

Engineering a Design

The CSS/HTML architecture has a serious impact on the cost of development, integration, and maintenance of a web site. Divide the page into a few areas. Top/header - the area that spans the top of the page Bottom/footer - horizontal span acros… more »

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and are welcome ... I think you have to register ... and, in that case, click the Log In link ... :) more »

color mapping - applications / experiments / improvements

The color mapper is still evolving. The biggest change was to key off the '#' character, followed by a digit or hex letter instead of the word 'color'. This allows all borders and backgrounds to be captured. Interesting options: Manually type… more »