eZ Publish - Object Relation Attributes - Reckless Cleanup

This is NOT A FIX for the code, but if you are getting confusing results for queries due to relationships between object relation attributes which were deleted from content classes, you may use this query: Backup your database first This is not for th… more »

Twitter Application Auth Sample - PHP

This is a sample PHP code which can be used to get a Twitter OAuth token for use in making API calls. It includes a trends available request that gets the list of countries for which Twitter trends are available. Be sure to read the documentation at t… more »

git "Permission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive)."

If you are getting permission denied when working with git on a remote server using a key, this may help. First test to ensure the key will be accepted by the remote server. ssh -v git@git.example.com Look for these lines in the output: debug1:… more »

Amazon S3 Backup

This is the third tier of a backup system, the last resort if everything has been destroyed or corrupted. The first step is to sign up at Amazon for an S3 account, create a bucket and a user. Limit the privileges for the user as much as possible, for… more »

eZ 4.x Custom User Group Assignment Workflow

This is a simple workflow event that will extract a member type attribute (single select) and use it to assign the member into a group on register. It catches not only self-registration, but updates made through the admin interface. PHP<?phpclass&n… more »