git "Permission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive)."

If you are getting permission denied when working with git on a remote server using a key, this may help. First test to ensure the key will be accepted by the remote server. ssh -v Look for these lines in the output: debug1:… more »

Amazon S3 Backup

This is the third tier of a backup system, the last resort if everything has been destroyed or corrupted. The first step is to sign up at Amazon for an S3 account, create a bucket and a user. Limit the privileges for the user as much as possible, for… more »

eZ 4.x Custom User Group Assignment Workflow

This is a simple workflow event that will extract a member type attribute (single select) and use it to assign the member into a group on register. It catches not only self-registration, but updates made through the admin interface. PHP<?phpclass&n… more »

PHP - Catching session timeout issues

I've been working on a bug where an application is logging out unexpectedly. To identify the piece of code that is destroying the session namespace I've been using the code snippet: PHPob_start(); debug_print_backtrace(); $trace =&nbs… more »

Sifting Through Spam

If you are setting up email filters for an account, some useful tactics are: Display the headers of the emails in the account: Shellgrep -iE "^(subject|from|reply-to|X-Spam-Level):" * Once you identify messages of interest, you can use… more »