Community contributed code

The associated link points to a nice extension I wrote and contributed for eZ publish 3.8+. It has been downloaded 600+ times. Unfortunately, I don't have time to maintain the code or test it with newer versions of eZ publish. Which means, if pe… more »

Common web page requirements

This is a list of implied requirements recommended for all web pages. Page should render properly in all supported browsers. Identical is not required, but equivalent is. Client side code (javascript) must execute properly in all supported browser… more »

Project Management Software

Project management software will not manage a project. It can help you identify issues, track costs, and do many valuable things, but it will not replace management. Project management can be greatly simplified into the following statement: With t… more »

2 Year Curriculums for Internet Professionals

Logic / Engineering Year 1 Fall HTML Javascript 1 (Logic) Spring CSS Javascript 2 (DOM) Year 2 Fall MySQL PHP 1 Data structures Spring Linux PHP 2 Topics Security Client/s… more »

Web 3.0 Predictions

Definitions Social networking - The use of technology to connect people. Web 3.0 - The next generation of the Internet. Predictions Ads - Advertising (like the Google ads on this site), will continue to get more and more engagin… more »