I am using Smarty Templates extensively in a custom application. The application relies heavily on both PHP .ini and Smarty .conf files. The .conf files had boolean settings, meaning values set to the literal strings of "true" and "false", and when I… more »

WordPress 2.5 Image File Upload Errors

In addition to b2evolution, I have WordPress 2.5 blogs, which were extremely easy to upgrade through Fantastico. There were two issues that were causing image uploads to fail. Here are links to the two solutions that worked for me, with thanks to… more »

Tracking professional service project costs

Based on the assumption that the project has an adequate budget established by careful estimation and communication with the client, the following tracking can be used to determine the cost. Track everything. First, all the indirect fixed costs - r… more »


[video:youtube:pMcfrLYDm2U] more »

Fixed price vs. hourly web sites

A company that can't manage a fixed price contract profitably will not succeed on an hourly billing system either. Instead of losing money, they will lose clients. Clients need to know how much they will pay for a product or service, how long it will… more »