Rapid Development Strategies

These are my rapid development strategies. Front2Back Works well for simple sites where the page layout is very important. Build the HTML/CSS framework of the screen Create navigation and page stubs Set up help, about, terms/privacy… more »


This is the second half of the prior post - how to find out what version of PHP are running on your server. Use curl with the -I (uppercase i) option, followed by the domain name to get the HTTP headers. There are many options you can use with curl, an… more »

Run eZ publish 4.0 on a server with PHP4 as the default and PHP5 available

My server has PHP4 as the default, and PHP5 available, indicated by the extension .php5. To use eZ publish 4.0, you need PHP5. To use it, one approach is to get a list of the PHP files, like so: tar tzf eztagcloud.tgz > php_file_list Use grep and… more »

Accelerate +

A side effect of accelerating development by assembling systems of available open source components is the risk of incompatibility. In this case, one must choose between abandoning the component, or modifying it. My recommendation is almost always to… more »

Use a base tag to ease the transition from a development environ to a live server

If you have to develop a site or application on a server that isn't the target server, you can use a base tag to set the base directory for HTML references. That will allow the vast majority of the code to be URL/domain independent. This is especially… more »