Accelerate - Focus on the end product, not the components

There is so much awesome open source code available, and some of it is very powerful. To build a powerful, cost-effective solution, the best approach is to use open source code to provide the bulk of the functionality, and then extend or integrate the r… more »

Management notes

One the most important things I have learned is the impact of organization, roles and responsiblities, on a company. Even with a great technical team, if you don't have good leadership and management, you will not be successful. If you fail to reso… more »

How many site have the same IP address?

This is a great tool. more »

More Praise for b2evolution ...

I had an old blog, with a few posts I liked, but the blog software had been discontinued. b2evolution allows you to run an entirely separate and independent blog - with a single installation of software, with very little effort. In this case, the oth… more »

Choosing a web "technology" or product

There is an amazing array of awesome open source software available for a wide variety of applications. Choosing the right product is extremely important. Be sure you have a clear definition of what you are trying to do first. If you are trying to… more »