Check your web stats

No matter what is running on your server, you should periodically check the web stats. It may be the only way you find files that shouldn't be on your server. No application is unhackable. Hackers are smart and persistant. more »

Converge - dojo panes - AJAX iframes ...

I wanted to break my page into 6 content areas, with 5 where the content could be directed by one, and from cross-links from the other. I pursued iframes, but the site architecture didn't work well with it. I tried dojo's content panes and was really… more »

Web Jobs / Positions / Career / Recruiting

As a career path, the web has one great advantage over all others - it's publicly accessible. You can demonstrate your skills and allow everyone to view them, at any time. If you're going to do this, be ready to push your skills to the limit. Refine… more »

PHP - includes

PHP includes are only included if the logic in the script requires them. I created three files: top.php echo 'start<br />'; if (true) include 'true.php'; else include 'false.php'; echo 'end'; true.php $var=true; /* Valid,… more »

Anyone can build a web site ...

... but to build a robust site in a timely manner which is cost-effective to maintain requires a fairly high level of skill, and careful management. The best sites are built by teams. The best sites usually have powerful applications behind the… more »