What does it cost to build a web site?

Alot! Most of it is time, and time is money. It can be very difficult to account for the costs, since they are not tangible objects. First, you need a name - so you'll have to spend the time to choose one and then register it. Then, you need a… more »

Use the Cache - Micro page overhead can be overcome with the browser cache

Although frames and iframes may require duplicate requests, most browsers will cache .js, .css, and .htm/.html files. This virtually eliminates the redundant request overhead, while still allowing a rich interface constructed from a page of micro pages.… more »

Business - Success

Any successful transaction relies on the following: Clearly defining the product or service to be delivered Understanding what it costs to deliver it Doing the work well Easy mistakes: Optimism - unrealistic agreements Scope creep… more »

Organization - Titles and Roles

Titles and roles define an organization. Titles reflect the responsibilities, and there is a fairly standard hierarchy: President Vice President Director Manager Team Leader/Senior Team Member Team Member These titles conf… more »

Common job titles/roles and requisite skills in the web

Graphic designer/Web designer/Designer Builds a visual interface – an image Skills Adobe PhotoShop Adobe Illustrator Art / color / design User interface knowledge Web developer Usually converts the comp or image into XHTML/HT… more »