Search Engine Optimization If you are planning to rely on search engines to deliver the bulk of your site visitors, you should first learn about how search engines help people find web resources. You may want to reevaluate your strategy. As far as… more »

What is a Web Site?

A web site is a technical service. It isn't a product. It requires some technical skill. It can be simple or complex, big or small, busy or idle, pretty or bland, functional or frivolous. It can be a technical or artistic success and a busine… more »

View Source: How to check for a really bad web page

Here are two lines of a very poorly coded web page: <tr> <td><input style="BORDER-RIGHT: #666666 1px solid; BORDER-TOP: #666666 1px solid; BORDER-LEFT: #666666 1px solid; WIDTH: 80px; BORDER-BOTTOM: #666666 1px solid; HEIGHT: 18px… more »

Business Plan: Web Site

Every business plan should address the web, but not every business should have a web site. Examples: You have a small local service business with a well-established customer base. You are very profitable. Maybe you're an orthodontist, and you hav… more »

How to Build a Web Site

Web sites have three primary components: design/layout, content, and logic. Design is the visual appearance - what it looks like, how the screen is organized. Content is the information conveyed - and it may be text, audio, video or a combination there… more »