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Developing PHP5 code on a PHP4 server, that also has PHP5

.htaccess to run PHP5 on a server that defaults .php to PHP4, when your ultimate target is a PHP5 server. .htaccess file RewriteEngine On RewriteRule ^index.php5$ - [L] RewriteRule ^exec.php$ - [L] RewriteRule ^(.*)\.php5?$… more »

dojo validation

This is a dojo validation loop. Send it an array of input ids (with dojoTypes), and it will ensure they're valid. function checkValid(aValid) { var i,e; for (i=0;i<aValid.length;i++) { e=dojo.byId(a… more »

Ini processing into javascript

<html> <body> <?php $ini_array=parse_ini_file('lxtest/ini/system.ini.php'); echo '<pre>'; var_dump($ini_array); echo '</pre>'; echo '<hr />'; extract ($ini_array); echo 'Database: '.$database.'<br />'; ?&g… more »