Image substitution

Image substitution has been added. This allows you to extract the images, and view them and their dimensions. You can then create new images with the same names to change the design. interface updates ...

The color mapper is transitioning to use a more polished interface.

dojo - ContentPanes - compression

To compress the content delivered to a dojo ContentPane, you can compress the content and cache it with the Zlib functions of PHP, then open it with the filesystem functions and deliver it with the Content-Type header set to “text/html” (or other appropriate setting), and Content-Encoding set to “gzip“.

The compress and cache should be performed if the file is likely to be reused. If reuse is unlikely, or the file is relatively small, use gzencode or gzdeflate.

This should work with other libraries as well.

Careers are Important

A career is important. It is how you get the money to do the things that are important to you.

With that in mind, the company you work for must be stable enough to deliver that income.

Look around, listen, think. Are the customers happy? Is the work done well? Are projects profitable?

If you answered ‘no’ to any one of these questions - look more, think more. If the customers aren’t happy, they will leave, and it will be more difficult to attract new customers. If the work isn’t done well, the customers won’t be happy and it will be harder to get new customers. If projects aren’t profitable, the company simply cannot survive. It will be closed or sold.

Not every customer will be happy, not every project will be done well, and there are often projects that go overbudget - however - if the majority of the time, things go well, everything will be okay.

Web Company - Acid Test

If you are considering a web company, check their site. Do you like it? Does it look good? Does everything work well?

If you don’t like their site, you may not like the one they build you.

If you do like the site, ask them the following questions:

About how many person hours went into the site?
If they can’t answer this, they may not manage their projects well. Usually, the company site is handled as an informal project, interleaved with client projects. Professional service organizations are selling labor, and should be tracking ALL hours - whether they bill them to clients or not. That’s good business.

About how much would you charge a client for a similar site?
This number should be reasonable, and in line with the earlier answer.

What percentage of the project hours are management/overhead?
High caliber technical teams need less management.