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Open source - open season

Open source is extremely accessible, meaning literally everyone can download it and use it. This is a double-edged sword. For people that want powerful sites with sophisticated applications, most of the materials are available, free. For people th… more »

Location is a Commodity

Location can be considered a commodity - something which is purchased. The cost of business real estate, whether leased or purchased, is not only financial, but affects the people who are willing to visit your business and work there. Most people don… more »

How to attract good professionals with a job post on the web

Well-qualified people seeking work have two primary questions: What will I have to do? What skills should I have? This translates into "who do you want?" and "what do you want them to do?". Questions about the company: Where… more »

2 Year Curriculums for Internet Professionals

Logic / Engineering Year 1 Fall HTML Javascript 1 (Logic) Spring CSS Javascript 2 (DOM) Year 2 Fall MySQL PHP 1 Data structures Spring Linux PHP 2 Topics Security Client/s… more »

Management notes

One the most important things I have learned is the impact of organization, roles and responsiblities, on a company. Even with a great technical team, if you don't have good leadership and management, you will not be successful. If you fail to reso… more »
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