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Using wkhtmltopdf to generate a PDF from eZ Platform

I wanted to produce a polished PDF of restricted content managed by with the least amount of effort possible and I wanted an approach that would allow me to run a single command on the command line. My first approach was to try… more »

eZ Publish - Adding Bootstrap Glyphicons

If you are using Bootstrap with eZ Publish, you can add a custom tag to include glyphicons which will allow editors to add the icons into their content. This is a simple implementation, it allows the user to enter the name of the icon they would like t… more »

eZ Publish - Object Relation Attributes - Reckless Cleanup

This is NOT A FIX for the code, but if you are getting confusing results for queries due to relationships between object relation attributes which were deleted from content classes, you may use this query: Backup your database first This is not for th… more »

eZ 4.x Custom User Group Assignment Workflow

This is a simple workflow event that will extract a member type attribute (single select) and use it to assign the member into a group on register. It catches not only self-registration, but updates made through the admin interface. PHP<?phpclass&n… more »

eZ Publish - LiteSpeed - Conditional header

I have an eZ Publish site, running in host access mode, with three subdomains, admin, mobile and down. I don’t want the subdomains to be indexed by search engines, and I especially want to keep the admin interface out of the search engines. Some… more »
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