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eZ Publish Workflow - electronic media delivery

I'm helping on a site that sells music. I wanted a way to bundle a person's purchases into a single file that could be downloaded once. There are two types of electronic media, mp3_product and album. Each may have an image associated with it. An m… more »

jQuery eZ publish Mobile pagelayout.tpl

Using the book Head First Mobile Web to learn and as a reference, I created a simple mobile interface for an existing eZ publish installation. pagelayout.tpl pagelayout.tpl includes three 'pages', content, search, and menu. {*?template charset=… more »

How to Keep a Mobile Site Out of Search Engines

I have a mobile version of a site, which is accessed through auto-detection of mobile user-agents. Since the content is virtually the same as the regular site, I didn't want it indexed by search engines, both to prevent site visitors from landing on… more »

eZ publish - Disable ezinfo with .htaccess

The ezinfo module exposes the version number and other key information about an eZ publish installation. It can be disabled through the eZ publish settings by adding these lines to override/site.ini.append.php: [SiteAccessRules] Rules[]=access;dis… more »

Adding a jQuery MP3 Player in to eZ publish

I've been wanting to add a cross-browser audio player into a site for a while and I finally found a few minutes to find a solution and apply it.A quick Google found the link above, which includes good demos and examples. Files:http://www.sea… more »
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