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eZ publish - Creative Commons Licensed Image - Class

Using Creative Commons licensed images allows you to include some beautiful photos and illustrations on your site. It's really important to add the appropriate credits when you're using the images, to comply with the license, but more importantly, t… more »

Create Database with MySQL

If you don't have phpMyAdmin, cPanel, or Plesk, you can SSH into the server and use the following commands: create user dbuser@localhost identified by 'password'; create database db; grant all on db.* to dbuser@localhost; mysql -udbuser db -p more »

eZ Publish Feedback Form Template

This template makes a feedback form a little easier to use. It sets up the from and the subject out of the submitted content, and puts the message in as text. {set-block scope=root variable=$email_receiver}{$object.data_map.recipient.content}{/set-… more »

CSV export out of eZ Publish

A team member requested a list of users and email addresses from an eZ publish site, and I remembered seeing a file called under php/bin. After a few tries, I found the following sequence of commands worked really well. CSV_EXPO… more »

eZ Publish RewriteRule to redirect a URI match site to hostname

The old site had eZ publish installed in a directory called cms, and running in URI match mode. These redirect rules allow people who have bookmarks and favorites to the old site to reach the correct pages in the new site. RewriteRule cms/i… more »
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