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Advantages of Integrated Content

Seamless, cost-effective integration. Only one instance of the design must be maintained, and, since it is sourced from a single point, it will look better, and adjust as the content changes. Unified search results. A single search function can search… more »

eZ Camtasia

This datatype was a lot of fun to build. The objective was to allow people to upload Camtasia .zip files (videos) into eZ publish. The strategy was to extend the eZBinaryFileType. When the attribute content is requested, the code checks to see i… more »

eZ Publish Rounded Image Corners

Nutshell explanation: Make these changes to allow rounded image corners under eZ publish. All .gifs and .pngs will have their corners rounded. No .jpgs will have their corners rounded, unless you use the rounded aliases below, which force the outp… more »

Speed up eZ publish

The following steps can be taken to make an existing eZ publish installation run more quickly: Empty the trash Clear the collected information Clear the search stats Delete all the drafts, especially those of the administrator These steps re… more »

Application Upgrades - an excellent business opportunity

The web is constantly changing and keeping applications on servers which can support them may be difficult, as hosting companies upgrade the servers to improve security, the applications may fail. Most web companies are extremely careful and use strat… more »
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