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An image is worth 1000 pixels Rich interface applications require careful designs, and should almost always be multi-lingual capable. One of the best ways to achieve this for small page elements is the use of images as labels. Examples: Red c… more »

Rapid Development Strategies

Web sites have become exponentially more complex and the expectations of site visitors have soared as well. The only way to build powerful pages is to use sophisticated tools, quickly and effectively. :!: Choose tools that have decent documentation… more »

eZ publish meta tag class and template

Meta tags may be valuable for SEO. A very nice implementation is to create a class with includes object relation lists to point to nodes that you would like to assign specific tags to. The way it works is to find the reverse related objects (those ob… more »

Run eZ publish 4.0 on a server with PHP4 as the default and PHP5 available

My server has PHP4 as the default, and PHP5 available, indicated by the extension .php5. To use eZ publish 4.0, you need PHP5. To use it, one approach is to get a list of the PHP files, like so: tar tzf eztagcloud.tgz > php_file_list Use grep and… more »
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