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Double precision floating point format decoder - C++

  This was fun to do, but I can't remember why I decided to do it Ref: more »

Quiz analysis with Canvas API

I wanted to perform Item Analysis on quiz results under Canvas LMS. Without working very hard. I used a Web Inspector to look at the traffic, found the URL for quiz statistics and started trying to use curl to authenticate in and get the data. When it… more »

Raspberry Pi - web page as a sign (or kiosk)

TL;DR This is the stuff that lets you get the Pi up and running - meaning displaying a web page. It won't solve all your problems. [image:35] Raspberry Pis are about the size of a deck of cards and extremely easy to work with. If all you need is to… more »

iPhone "Incorrect Password" WiFi

If your iPhone is not connecting to your NetGear WNDR4000 WiFi router and the message is "Incorrect password", check the access control settings on the router. [image:11] I made a change to the router configuration and managed to enable access control… more »

Ansible SSH issues under CentOS

I needed a CentOS 6.5 guest under a CentOS 6.6 host for development and to prepare for deployments. I could not get Ansible to SSH into the box. I took the provisioning out of the Vagrantfile and began running the playbook on the command line with: a… more »
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