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Wicked Good Gallery - Lightweight LAMP, Easy to Administer

The Wicked Good Gallery grew from an idea mentioned at and discussions with the people at The challenge was to build a gallery application that would allow site visitors to view and purchase artwork… more »

Debugging AJAX

Use the transport mechanism to send debug information. For example, if you're sending back an array of data, add a new element (or several), and put in the SQL query so you can see exactly what's being executed. Store the returned data in global variab… more »

Upgrading stock CentOS5 PHP to 5.2.12

To run eZ publish 4.2, I needed to upgrade CentOS's PHP 5.1.6 to PHP 5.2.12. I started at, and ended at The site has a nice collection of RPMs for P… more »

Phone Number RegExp - PHP

Matching a phone number, with a regular expression, and disregarding any extraneous characters.Useful for searches, not validation.<?php$aPhoneNumbers=array('7085556232','1(708)555-6232','(708)555-6232','708.555.6232','1.708.555.… more »

Rebuilding PHP Under CentOS5

Configure firewall to allow httpd requests: system-config-securitylevel Get PHP development RPM: Get PHP source RPM:… more »