Category: "RIA"

Debugging AJAX

Use the transport mechanism to send debug information. For example, if you're sending back an array of data, add a new element (or several), and put in the SQL query so you can see exactly what's being executed. Store the returned data in global variab… more »

Notes on Building a MultiLingual RIA

RIAs must validate on both the client and server-side. Thus, the server must have access to validation data. In that regard, it is easier to have the server handle the language-sensitive validation and then send it to the client, rather than have all l… more »

Session Timeout Notes

Server should use a deterministic method to timeout sessions. cron jobs are good. These should be lightening fast. See other posts in this blog. These timeouts address the situation where the user closes the browser and walks away without logging out… more »

Rapid RIA Development

Each step ends with place in version control, submit for review, evaluate review responses and apply them as appropriate.. Define the page architecture, common page elements first. These must be stable before beginning. Build page level XHTML/CSS… more »

Customizing dijit tundra

dijit's (dojo - tundra theme is excellent. Notes on customizing it: Copy dojo.css, dijit.css, tundra.css, and the supporting images out of the dojo tree and into the application's CSS directory. Place the images in a di… more »
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